Nixyaawii Governance Center

Client: The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Location: Pendleton, Oregon
Completion Date: February 2010
The Nixyaawii Governance Center is the capitol of the Umatilla Tribe's nation. It is a statement of their tribal sovereignty and the growth they have accomplished on behalf of their tribal members. It serves as a symbol to their tribal members, neighboring communities, other governments, and business partners that they are a strong and growing nation responsible to the vision of their ancestors and working hard to meet the needs of their community.
The building faces east to greet each new day. Fourteen Oak trees (seven each side) are planted in the front lawn. They open from the entrance of the building as you face east. Seven is an important number in many tribal cultures and sometimes refers to learning from the past seven generations and planning for the next seven generations. An events center/stage outside the front of the building contains a circle that represents the sun and a crescent shape inside the circle represents a moon. The landscaping is a mix of native and modern/commercialized vegetation.
Umatilla Singers keep drum beat for dignitaries
and guests at the Grand Opening Ceremony.
Landscape Architect: McCormack Landscape Architecture
Architect: Group West Companies