American Indian Cultural Center of Greater Portland
 Portland, Oregon
Landscape Master Plan
The American Indian Cultural Center had been a longtime dream of the Portland - Vancouver area for years. It was envisioned as a gathering place where all Indian people could come together to celebrate and share their culture. Working with a creative team of architects, planners, city officials, and members of the Indian and non-Indian community, the design team set out to design the center with these two primary objectives:
  • Provide facilities where urban Indians may gather for social and cultural events, and hold meetings and support programs for Indian youth and elders; and
  • Provide facilities where cultural exchange, training in Indian arts, and regional/national conferences for Indian organizations and others may be held.
Within the project site was a small portion of the Columbia slough, a series of waterways that were once connected to the main body of the Columbia River. Polluted by years of neglect, Mr. McCormack looked at the slough as an opportunity to educate the public about the importance of stewardship of the land. By cleaning and restoring the slough to its once majestic beauty, visitors will learn through interpretive signage the importance of protecting our vanishing natural resources. Other features incorporated into the landscape plan are an outdoor amphitheater, talking circle with fire pit, and children's play area. Native plants, especially those which played an important role in the lives of the local tribes, will be used exclusively throughout the project site.

rchitectural/Landscape Model
Client: American Indian Association of Portland
Architect: StastnyBrun Architects